Building a Sustainable and Profitable DeFi Network

Cross-chain derivative issuance and credit lending

DeFi 2.0

One-stop DeFi 2.0 platform for credit lending, cross-chain derivative issuance, trading and asset management.
Derivative Issuance

Infinite Scalability

PROXI provides investors limitless opportunities to make profits from credit-based lending with high leverage and derivative asset issuance in DeFi.

Network Incentives

Secure + Sustainable

Community incentive and governance with an extensive Yield Farming model giving investors multiple opportunities to earn the most high interest.

Portfolio Dashboard

Easy to

Users pick and choose their risk profile and allocate across different derivatives while managing investments in real-time.

Derivative Issuance

Create your own derivatives.
Buy, sell and manage synthetic assets.

Decentralized Multi-asset Collateral Pool

PROXI supports the multi-asset collateral service in a permission-less and decentralized manner.

Credit Lending

Users can borrow up to 50-200% of their xToken’s value according to their Reputation(refer to the amount of native token CREDIT) in PROXI.

Modules Section

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Integrate to other leading chains and their ecosystems (Cosmos, ETH, Polkadot and more), while enabling real-time connection to DeFi's and other decentralized markets.